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  • Gaia House
    Set in a former convent among the gentle hills and woodlands of South Devon, Gaia House offers a sanctuary of contemplative calm open to all. Founded in 1984, Gaia House is the only non-affiliated retreat centre in Britain which offers guidance in different meditative disciplines from the Buddhist traditions. Our retreats are designed for both experienced meditators and beginners, of any faith or none, who seek to cultivate a path of wisdom and compassion. All retreats (with the exception of the Family and Friends retreat) are held in silence and explore the essential themes of calm attentiveness, equanimity, insight, peace and freedom.

  • Kelly's Crystal Shop
    Come and join me on an adventure in understanding the wonders and benefits that crystals and fossils can bring to your life.

    Crystals, Fossils, Jewellery & more from Kelly's Crystal Shop

  • Wellness Coaching

Change your life with wellness coaching to enhance your overall physical and emotional well-being.


  • Hot Tanning Beds 
    Find the perfect tanning bed to achieve the look of a deep, island tan at Hot Tanning Beds.



Urban Shamanism is an informative, thought provoking, and entertaining web site. It promotes using the ancient techniques and wisdom of shamanism which David has reenergized for our modern times. "Ancient traditions for the modern world"



Clare Cusack is a spiritual healer who deals with a whole variety of things that may be holding your life back ranging from physical pain to emotional, psychological or spiritual issues. Clare also runs workshops on psychic development entitled “Living in the Light ahead of 2012’. All the information can be found on her web site.

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