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Essential oils

I have put together a list of my favourite essential oils and how I use them. Essential oils are my first stop for all sorts of ailments, for preventing illnesses and lifting your mood. They are little bottles of nature. There are a huge range of oils that can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. All these oils are very powerful and must be diluted before use. In most cases they should not be applied directly to the skin. more........

Favourite Places

Below are some of my favourite places, plus a few I have not tried yet.

  • Castle Street Clinic
    The body's own capacity to heal itself is often underestimated. Natural health therapies aim to encourage self-healing processes, thereby allowing the body to achieve optimum good health. However natural therapies are not just about short term healing. They are also a form of preventative medicine aimed at balancing the body's energies and restoring well being. Established in 1994 by Clinic Director Maya Kraus, we aim to provide a centre of excellence in Natural Health Therapies and courses. With over 30 different therapies on offer in our pleasantly located town-centre clinic we are close to Guildford High Street and the castle grounds. 

  • Essential Floatation
    Essential Floatation is Surrey's Largest Floatation Tank CentreOver the years, many solutions have been suggested for the stresses of modern life such as acupuncture, reflexology and yoga. Other less healthy and more widely used alternatives are alcohol and drugs, which do not reduce the stress level, but merely blot it out temporarily. There is however, another option, backed up by a huge amount of medical and scientific research: The Floatation Tank. Our web site is here to provide you with an insight to the world of Floatation Therapy and its benefits. We hope you find our site of use and we look forward to seeing you soon... Dorking

  • Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary was founded in 1946 by the renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards and is based at Burrows Lea in Shere, near Guildford, Surrey, UK. Burrows Lea is a magnificent Victorian country house set in 30 acres of stunning Surrey countryside, providing a sense of beauty and calm. A visit to these gardens and adjoining woods refreshes and nurtures the mind, body and soul. People visit the Sanctuary for spiritual healing, to sit quietly for prayer, for meditation or to unwind. Burrows Lea is a place in which people find a renewal of spiritual and emotional strength and a sense of inner peace - achieving a more balanced attitude. Troubles are reduced to their proper proportions.

  • Holistic Health Centre Woking
    Holistic Health’s service extends to a wide range of issues is based on a multi-disciplinary understanding of human health and development: Complementary Therapies A range of well established and effective complementary therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic treatment, reflexology, homeopathy and many more. Psychotherapy & Counselling Short-term and long-term psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, child, adolescent and families.

  • Claremont Natural Healing Centre
    Claremont Natural Healing is a well established holistic health and treatment centre. We are based in Surbiton near Kingston, but have many satisfied clients from the south-west London and Surrey areas as well as further afield. We offer a wide array of treatments, courses and classes with qualified and experienced teachers and therapists in warm comfortable surroundings. These include a range of detox treatments and massage systems, as well as a complete range of wellbeing and nutrition treatments. We also offer various spiritual therapies and readings to keep your mind as well as your body in top condition.

  • Vital Health
    am a fully qualified and insured member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) and abide by their rules and conditions of practice. My Homeopathic practice is located in Dorking, Surrey and covers Dorking and surrounding areas including Redhill, Reigate, Leatherhead and Ashtead. My homeopathic treatment can also include Flower Essences. I am happy to offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss any questions you may have in detail to see how Homeopathy can help you.

  • The Surrey Clinic
    Based in Wallington, Surrey , The Surrey Clinic is a family run, 'Nurse led' clinic, Specialising in Colonic Irrigation, Non Surgical Aesthetic treatments, Complementary Health and Beauty Therapy. The Surrey Clinic aims to offer you the latest Health and Beauty treatments to enhance your Mind Body and Spirit well being. The Surrey Clinic Aesthetic suite offers treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, Lip Augmentation and Facial Rejuvenation. Botox Anti wrinkle injections are available. Beauty Within, our Beauty Clinic adopts a holistic approach to enjoying a vibrant and healthy life. Not just a Beauty treatment, an experience. Let the therapy begin…. Our Team of highly qualified Beauty and Health therapists work together to provide a complete service to address all your needs. We aim to provide a tranquil and peaceful experience for you to escape the stresses of Modern life.

  • Clare Badrick Natural Therapy
    I believe we can all make a difference to our own health if we choose to. We may need some help and expert guidance in this process, my job is to be that guide.” Clare Badrick In the clinic I treat a wide range of conditions, see each therapy for more information on this. However, I bring the same approach to all my patients whatever they need help with A caring attitude Appointments with enough time A scientific approach Gentle techniques – the most effective techniques do not have to hurt! A wide knowledge base from many different areas of natural medicine Going that extra mile for you, whether its loaning you a book to read on your illness, or mixing up a specific blend of herbs for you to take. Godalming,



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