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Hello, my name is Carol, I live in Surrey  and this is my website. I have been following a holistic lifestyle for over twenty years and in this site I would like to share some of the  things that I have found of the years that I have used to improve the life of my family.

I am adding to this web site all the time, so please check back to see what new ideas have been added.

To me Holistic means staying as close to a natural and spiritual path as possible. So for health I choose alternative medicines. I avoid processed food and choose organic, mainly vegetarian options. To relax, I prefer yoga to television and my ideal break is a visit to my favourite retreat.

.I hope you can use these services to build a more natural and rewarding life that is in tune with the environment.

If you come across a service that is not listed, or you offer a holistic product or service, we'd love to know. Email me at We make no charge for listing. The directory is entirely supported by advertising so please have a look at what our sponsors offer.

Holistic massage alternative therapy
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Counselling in Surrey

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you clarify and understand your sources of anxiety and strong emotions, so you can manage them better and reduce their impact, allowing you to live your life on a more even keel. You can feel calmer and more in control. More

Counselling in Surrey
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Healing Touch Massage
 A Deep and Relaxing Massage using essential oils to balance physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing, by Helen in Bookham.

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Not all the holistic products and services I want to list have their own web sites so on Surrey Holistic I have provided a free page for them to describe their services, You can click on the picture or the title to get to their page. If you are not on the web and would like to join them please click here fore more information.
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